Sustainable Luxury Designers Doing Their Part To Save The World


At Runway2Street our priority is always to connect shoppers with a global portfolio of luxury designers who strive to practice responsible sourcing and promote transparency about their manufacturing.  While all of our brands do their part in changing the way ready to wear is produced, a few have gone above and beyond to ensure that their impact on the world is more than surface level.


The core values and missions of the following brands have pushed them ahead of the crowd in sustainable luxury and earn them the coveted Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark of approval.  The Butterfly seal showcases the brands’ actions that are directly aligned with doing and being good.  From material sourcing to preservation awareness, Positive Luxury is a platform for highlighting a better, beautiful luxury lifestyle.


Luca Jouel

Founded on a passion for creating beautiful heirloom quality jewellery with a modern sensibility, their pieces combine ethically sourced diamonds, gemstones and mixed precious metals together with luxury hand finishes and a love of the details.


Umran Aysan

Taking into consideration universal environmental concerns into the production process, Aysan primarily strives to maintain an eco-friendly collection by minimizing carbon footprint. In order to reflect the brand’s value to its conscious customers and support for good trade, the brand holds a policy of full transparency. Sourced ethically – detailed locally, each piece of Ümran Aysan collection is enriched by talented hands around the world.


Pembe Club  

Pembe Club hand-crafts limited-edition jewelry, designed specifically to make a difference in the preservation of endangered African wildlife, with a particular focus on countering the recent explosion of elephant poaching in East Africa. To combat the devastating effects of poaching, part of the proceeds from each sale is donated to various organizations chosen specifically for their work on the frontline.

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