Virginia Stone Eyes by Virginia Stone FW17

Virginia Stone Virginia Stone Calgary, Canada


Behind the doors of the VIRGINIA STONE lab lies a world where science and nature harmoniously fuse into pure artistry. A subtle magic exists within their process. Their master artisans have perfected the balance between green chemistry and culinary creativity, transforming the expected into the extraordinary.

VIRGINIA STONE offers three avant-garde collections - KAVESI for fair skin tones, JASARI for medium skin tones, and ODAJA for dark skin tones. The most important factor to consider when designing skincare is tone. Your tone determines your skin personality, which inherently defines unique characteristics like skin density, sensitivity, SPF requirements, and potency tolerance levels.

Each VIRGINIA STONE product is made-to-order and housed in a stone Luxador. An innovation in packaging and green beauty, your custom-crafted stone Luxador offers natural luxury at its finest. Inspired by the beauty of nature - sand, stone, and water unite to create this exclusive piece of art.

As a forward-thinking eco-ethical brand, VIRGINIA STONE partners exclusively with sustainability-minded suppliers and organizations, and has joined forces with a community of like-minded conservationists and fairtrade activists, supporting environmental and social sustainability initiatives around the world. Incorporating a green philosophy, VIRGINIA STONE contributes a portion of their product sales to environment rejuvenation projects, operate a sustainable lab, and offer plastic-free packaging to minimize waste, water, and energy consumption.


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Virginia Stone Eyes by Virginia Stone FW17

Virginia Stone offers 3 avant-garde bespoke collections: Kavesi® - for fair skin tones; Jasari® - for medium skin tones; and Odaja® - for dark skin tones. Designed by master artisans, each Virginia Stone product is slow-cooked and made fresh upon order.

Housed in an exclusive stone Luxador® offering natural luxury at its finest and inspired by the beauty of nature. The Luxador® is available in a stunning palette of greys: Sand (light grey); Stone (medium grey); and Charcoal (dark grey).



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