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Väska Väska Barcelona, Spain


Väska, a name that stems from the Swedish word for bag, is a luxury brand of leather handbags based out of Barcelona, Spain. Created in 2012 by Ann-Sofi Storbacka, the Väska brand was born out of a belief in authentic material, simple design, and old world craftsmanship. The result is a sustainable line of bags and accessories that offer the modern woman a unique way to express her timeless style.

Väska handbags are 100% handmade in a small Barcelona workshop, finely crafted using traditional European techniques with high-quality leather and natural fabrics. The leather is vegetable-tanned, meaning that it uses an all-natural refinement process that holds onto the leather's lush natural appearance and allows it to age beautifully with time. By keeping a hands-on role in a limited quantity production, no two Väska creations are exactly the same, and each makes its own unique statement.

This line of elegant, functional bags with effortlessly chic form is a true staple to the runway2street collection. Coming in a range of shapes and styles, a Väska bag could be paired with anything, from a delicate dress to a strong, bold contemporary styles. The pieces are instant classics that absolutely shine with class, and the Nordic inspirations match perfectly with our love for international style. Väska's bags truly exemplify the brand's personal philosophy that timeless simplicity can be the ultimate sophistication.

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V  ska AW14

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