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Toi et Moi Toi et Moi Latina, Italy


Toi et Moi was born in 2008 from the hands of Mara De Longis, an enthusiastic, inspired mind with a passion for the luxury jewelry-making business. De Longis has been designing womenâs accessories since 1996, when she graduated from the accredited European Institute of Design. She was working freelance for some of the biggest brands in Italy before deciding to take her own path and focus her efforts into creating the Toi et Moi brand.

Though De Longis has always been the creative mastermind and figurehead of the brand, she runs the business with a unique balance between intense personal involvement and collaboration with other artists. She personally hand draws all of the collection models, and is constantly researching the materials and trends of her craft. At the same time, she also makes and effort to work with Italian artisans from all around the country, which brings a sort of eclectic, cultured diversity to her collections.

The result is a series of unique and astoundingly beautiful designs, with a rich story to be told that shines through every piece. runway2street is excited to add such a brilliant blend of shine and sparkle to our collection of luxury jewelry. We admire the vibrant character that can be seen in every piece, and the thoughtful mix of materials that gives Toi et Moi a well-crafted and recognizable stylistic code. De Longis says she hopes to continue to create pieces that can resonate with wearers on a personal level, and to teach women to understand the maxim of her design: that the "uniqueness of things lies in the heart of who's wearing them."

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