TESA C  RDOBA Tesa C  rdoba SS18 RTW SS17 Collection



Tesa Cordoba is an exciting new luxury designer label from Spain aiming to return women’s fashion to the high standard of craftsmanship and calibre of materials through a newly updated contemporary model that emphasizes concern for the environment. The brand established alliances with workshops, allowing them to generate a positive impact to local communities, helping them understand fashion from a more human viewpoint and rejecingt the ‘use and abuse’ method of the fashion industry.

All Tesa Cordoba designs are inspired by the great women of history, art, culture and travel, reinterpreted into garments with contemporary identities marked with new patterns, materials, colours and geometrics. Due to the creative direction of Tesa Cordoba, a close relationship has been created with young designers with a critical eye in the industry, and they collaborate in the process of forming the values of the brand. 

Charismatic, dynamic and modern, the brand offers classic wardrobe pieces with a modern and refreshing twist.

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TESA C  RDOBA Tesa C  rdoba SS18 RTW SS17 Collection

Tesa Córdoba's SS18 collection celebrates feminists throughout history.  From Audrey Hepburn to Oprah, the collection pays homage some of the trendsetters of our time and past times.  Sophisticated silhouettes are showcased throughout and playful patterns and hues bring the personality of the muse behind each look.  High-quality textiles paired with pristine design make this collection one the greatest of the season.  Versatility is apparent in each piece while keeping the collection inclusive of all figures.  



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Tesa Cordoba’s SS17 features four equally chic capsule collections that take the modern woman through everything life has to offer. With inspiration from the 70s era, the styles feature bold elements with a timeless flair.  From bell bottom trousers to flouncy skirts and dresses, this collections delivers captivating pieces for every occasion. The signature tailoring element that is synonymous with the label is apparent throughout, making this collection cohesive and fun.

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