Tarte Tatin RTW SS17 Collection

Tarte Tatin Tarte Tatin Como, Italy


Tarte Tatin -  Silk Stories to Wear - Made in Italy

Tarte Tatin creates high-quality silk accessories and blouses, working with renowned illustrators who share the brand’s spirit. The drawn characters and patterns tell stories to wear.

To create its timeless collection, Tarte Tatin has asked Philip Giordano, Claudia Palmarucci, Michele Rocchetti, Gaia Stella and Lisa Gelli, five renowned Italian illustrators, to draw little stories on silk. The result are Tarte Tatin’s unique characters and patterns, designed on foulard, pochette, neck-ties and blouses. Each foulard is signed by the author and has a title, each garment tells a timeless story.

Tarte Tatin is a 100% Made in Italy project by Valeria De Bruno.

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Tarte Tatin RTW SS17 Collection

This collection from Tarte Tatin delivers a perfectly executed series of artfully crafted silk accessories.  Manufactured in Como, Italy these pieces exude luxury and craftsmanship from the cutting of the silk to the printing of the hand designed motifs.  Each scarf is a special tribute to the artists that told the whimsical stories of each capsule collection.  From fanciful ballerinas falling in love to elephants riding unicycles, the fun never ends.  These pieces add a pop of festivity and fun to any look they are paired with, making them a must have for every wardrobe.

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