Skyler Man Skyler Man Jewelry

Skyler Man Skyler Man Brooklyn, United States


Alina Skyler launched Skyler Man in 2009, designing and handcrafting fine Jewelry from her studio in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in an artistic household, Alina wanted to design Jewelry that was enduring, both in style and investment, and not just an ephemeral, seasonal splurge.

Alina’s designs playfully combines elements from vintage Jewelry, rich symbols of bygone eras and gothic influences translated for a contemporary and urban palate. She gives fine Jewelry an interesting twist, combining unexpected textures and materials to create beautiful pieces that you can wear everyday while commanding attention.

We love the edginess, social responsibility and creativity that Skyler Man brings to our community of cutting edge brands. Skyler Man follows sustainable practices and strives for an eco-responsible footprint. They ensure that all of their stones are ethically sourced and most of their gold and silver is recycled. They also use vintage mannequins, recycled packaging and are entirely committed to being locally made in New York.

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Skyler Man Skyler Man Jewelry

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