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Pring Paris Pring Paris Paris, France


The pieces we remember in fashion are the pieces so outstanding and so unique that they can inspire us to change our entire style –even if just for a night. It’s this standout spunk that has us falling head over heels for Pring, a brand of luxury leather shoes born from creative guru and collection namesake, Pring Pichayanund Chinadahporn.

Pring made her start designing for a small boutique in the Marais district, a neighborhood in Paris long known for its connections to art and the ancient aristocratic community. She then returned home to her native Thailand to further build the brand and establish its creative footprint as a unique harmony of Parisian-Thai style.

You can see the cultural diversity in Pring shoes by the tactful, fun mix of patterns, materials and unexpected details. The pieces in that cover the full spectrum of shapes and styles, anywhere from sleek sophistication to feminine retro. Quite simply –Pring shoes are fun to watch, affordable luxury and they’re even more fun to wear. They’ll leave you ready for your own fashion adventure, with the promise that you’ll look confident and brilliant every step of the way. 

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Pring Paris

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