Pinghe Pinghe London, United Kingdom


Ping He is a world-renowned Chinese fashion designer, and stars as the personal namesake for her breakout womenswear label, PINGHE.

Ping earned her critical acclaim in the fashion industry working with a number of prestigious design talents, including Alexander McQueen and top London fashion brand, Aftershock. With a hardworking attitude and a natural aptitude for clothing artistry, she was able to contribute four successful collections to Aftershock, a feat that eventually earned her the title of brand Head of Design.

In 2012, Ping broke off on an independent venture to start her own label, PINGHE, which has already began to gather high praise from a number of big names in the fashion industry. PINGHE designs are inspired by the fusion between architecture and fashion, with structured silhouettes and delicate details that make for bold, yet elegant pieces. Ping works with traditionally opposing concepts, like strong leather and soft, neutral hues to create a harmonious blend of fashion’s finest elements. PINGHE designs are created to impress and empower, and pose as a true embodiment of the designer’s personal mantra, “Fear is not an option”. 

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