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Imagine a charm bracelet that actually was lucky. Or an eternity bracelet that actually prolonged life…Pembe Club aims to be just that. Not with sorcery or spells, but with a quiet determination to change the fortunes of one of the most magnificent, yet threatened creatures on Earth.

Named for the Swahili word meaning ivory or tusk, Pembe Club crafts limited edition jewelery, using a combination of African and contemporary elements. They marry these with hand carved and cast designs, inspired by the magnificence of tusk, tooth and horn that is being plundered from our wildlife on a daily basis, in the hope that by replicating these shapes, we are also slowly replacing them…

Pembe Club's mission is to use the power of fashion and hand-crafted aesthetics to change the fortunes of the most magnificent, yet threatened creatures on Earth. The goal is to harness the purchasing power of the luxury goods market for the benefit of those most directly involved in the battle against poaching.

They strive to be as transparent as possible in every aspect of their business, from designing and crafting each piece by hand, to personally selecting the organisations they support. They channel part of every purchase to those that are most effective in their anti-poaching efforts.

We at Runway2Street are excited for the gorgeous jewels that also make us feel good about making a small difference to our planet.

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Pembe Club Jewelry

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