ONESIXONE ONESIXONE Handbags Vicky Usle Aurea Collection Anna Talens Collection



ONESIXONE are the three first figures of the number that governs beauty, the golden ratio. The golden ratio attributes an aesthetic character to objects. Some even believe it has a mystical importance and it has been included in the design of various works of architecture and art, synonymous with balance, harmony and beauty.

The ONESIXONE brand creates only 161 units numbered and customized luxury handbags and just two collections a year, which are lovingly made by hand using centuries-old tradition. Adrian Salvador, art director of ONESIXONE has already amassed an impressive experience under designers such as Peter Pilotto, Adolfo Dominguez and J. Mendel in New York, he designed a dress for the first lady Michelle Obama and a night coat for Anna Wintour.

Every bag can be personalized and has its own numbering. For this first collection, called Vicky Uslé, all the hardware was designed by the jeweler Helena Rohner and features prints of 3 sketches by artist Vicky Usle. We love that these bags are truly one of kind with perfect way to enjoy your piece of art, everyday.


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ONESIXONE ONESIXONE Handbags Vicky Usle Aurea Collection Anna Talens Collection

ONESIXONE AUREA is a response to the high demand of or iconic bags in 161 limited Edition monochrome leather. This collection is a selection of the season colors in the world of fashion and design. Colors this season transcend cultural and gender norms. Inspired by the contrast of urban design and lush vegetation, leading to unexpected color combinations and collections reminiscent of architecture, travel and nostalgia. Looks that truly represent the world we live in, both constructed and organic, awaking a sense of reflection, followed by playful escapism. With our culture still surrounded by so much uncertainty, we are continuing to yearn for those softer shades that offer a sense of calm and relaxation.

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For this collection created for ONESIXONE, artist Anna Talens merged the figures of the Aurea circle and the symbol of infinity. Two geometric patterns that speak about eternity and the existentialist philosophy built upon the idea that there is no beginning and no end. They both symbolize, as well, the invisible connection amongst all things in the world.

Anna based her selection on basic colours and tactile sensations, she went searching for the silent beauty and timeless elegance. Behind this collection, echoes from the former creations can be heard: gold craft works based on the Japanese technique “kintsugi”, handmade metallic crocheting, endless pin fields which invite you to touch... in short, the recreation of a dreamlike world that speaks about life and the common mysteries to any human being existence.

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