Mila   Such Always In Bloom Silk Scarves

Mila & Such Mila & Such New York City, United States


Mila & Such, an NYC based line of luxurious silk scarves was created in 2013 by an award winning abstract painter, whose work is shown in galleries in New York city, and an experienced and creative graphic designer.

In 2014, “Art is Spectum" magazine described Mila’s paintings as “rife with meaning, symbolizing both the strength and potential of the self. Colors are bold and joyful, highlighted by a strong use of line and elegant forms. Complementary backgrounds help to create a sense of harmony and balance in the overall composition, contributing to the strong emotionality infused in each piece.” These strong emotions continue to be evident in the elegant scarves, as her paintings were transformed by a talented and visionary graphic designer and co-founder of Mila & Such.

The scarf designs were taken directly from the artists oil paintings and printed on lightweight, breathable flowing silk. The scarves are presented in beautiful boxes with illustrations and come with a unique meaning that was the inspiration for the paintings.

All of the Mila & Such scarves are created and produced in Boroklyn, NYC while the printing is done in India.

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Mila   Such Always In Bloom Silk Scarves

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