Materia Prima Materia Prima Jewelry

Materia Prima Materia Prima Freiburg, Germany


Materia Prima is a sustainable luxury jewelry brand born in bustling streets of Freiburg in southwestern Germany. It was founded by a pair of freelance jewelers, Silke Knetsch and Christian Streit, who started their first shop together in 1999.

Knetsch and Streit say they like to think of themselves as "alchemists of design" rather than jewelry makers, and have made an effort to emphasize traditional goldsmith techniques in their production process. They also carry a focus on sustainable entrepreneurship, and use accredited fair trade recycled metals, sourced from Germany in all of their designs. They also use traditional hand-painting techniques to achieve their beautiful motifs. It's this extensive hand work and attention to detail that Materia Prima puts into every piece which makes them such an extraordinary brand.

You can see signs of the pair's 18th century "Classical Age" inspiration in Materia Prima jewelry. The collections have a sort of ancient elegance with a modern twist, with strong porcelain elements and delicate vintage designs. runway2street is excited to bring this fun, sophisticated brand aboard our team of high-class jewelers. The impeccable materials, timeless design, and focus on sustainability make Materia Prima a truly everlasting brand.

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Materia Prima Materia Prima Jewelry

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