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The clothes you fall in love with are the ones with a personality you can see and a charisma you can feel. That's what has us at runway2street obsessed with Maison About, a contemporary clothing brand, born in 2010, full of energized young talent and one-of-a-kind prints.

Maison About holds its roots in Italy, where the brand was cultivated around a love for fine craftsmanship and elevating basics with strong design. They've been making a splash all over the fashion world, with a number of international celebrities sporting their garb, and making headlines in big name publications like Elle and Vogue magazine. They've reached out to international markets all the way from China to Spain, and have crafted pieces with a fun, glamorous allure that is essential to any woman's wardrobe.

For being such a young name in fashion, Maison About has already mastered the balance between trends and wearable versatility. The collections range anywhere from their famous "Flamingo" collection, which dons the signature neon flamingos and kaleidoscope patterns, all the way to the newest "Luxury" or "Basic" collections, with relaxed fabrics and a neutral palate. The brand has a very unique feel to it, with clean lines and sleek textiles that make the clothes simple but bold patterns and bright colors that make them edgy and exciting.

We couldn't be more excited to bring Maison About to the runway2street marketplace. The brand offers a fresh and hip alternative with an avant-garde look that will allow you to express your personality and have you turning heads everywhere you go.

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