Lautem Lautem Handbags

Lautem Lautem Ponferrada, Spain


Lautem comes from the latin word Laute meaning "excellently” and that is what the brand strives for in terms of design, ethical production practices and quality.

Lautem bags have a very bold, structured and unique design with attention paid to volumes, proportions and details in order to create an object that is essentially beautiful and functional. The bags are designed by Elena who originally stated out with a background in architecture and interior design ad eventually decided to pursue her passion in handbag design.

All of the bags are handcrafted by skilled artisans in Ubrique, the birthplace of leather craftsmanship in Spain. We love the attention to detail like the beautiful contrast suede interiors and the sculptural brass handles with exterior leather finishes tht will age beautifully over time.

These bags are designed for women with a strong personality and are trailblazers in defining their own style, yet playful and modern. 

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Lautem Lautem Handbags

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