Jamie Wei Huang The Kool Kids Collection Jamie Wei Huang AW17

Jamie Wei Huang Jamie Wei Huang London, United Kingdom


Designer Jamie Wei Huang joins the runway2street team as a true mastermind of fashion –with an unparalleled creative confidence and a collection of stunning modern womenswear to show for it.

The Taiwanese designer’s rich professional background in fashion design as well as the traditional arts has given her a unique outlook on conceptual design, and the dimensions of fashion as a place for bold, artistic expression. Jamie’s collections are inspired by all things visually unexpected, with pieces that carry a futuristic elegance matched perfectly to bold yet clean and sophisticated silhouettes.

The clothes all begin with a pure, white silk base, which Huang uses as her own “blank canvas” to toy with optical illusions, graceful contours, and intriguing details. She makes particularly excellent use of light and movement in a way that creates an almost dreamy effect, intertwining the principles of art and clothing together in a new, unprecedented way.

Jamie Wei Huang designs are perfect additions to runway2street’s curated collection of one-of-a-kind, international brands. Just as Jamie has risen above and beyond the rules of traditional fashion design, the clothes she creates serve as a reminder that there is still room for fantastical experimentation in fashion, both on the runway and in the confident, modern woman's life.  

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Jamie Wei Huang The Kool Kids Collection Jamie Wei Huang AW17

The Kool Kids collection by Jamie Wei Huang features classic silhouettes updated by modern details.  A range of styles that showcase simple shapes paired with avant garde patches and netting.  Tailored pieces coexist along with functional, fashion-forward designs that are perfect any occasion.  A signature gathered detail is at the forefront of this collection and is shown on several pieces, mixed with funky metallic clasps and contrast pockets.  This collection is for any woman who wants to take fashion risks that don’t completely ignore classic style.

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