Irene Paris Scarves Irene Paris FW17

Irene Paris Irene Paris Paris, France


Irene, a French brand of luxury scarves beautiful one of kind original prints created using a layered 3D design process to create complex and fascinating works of art. Each scarf is inspired by elements of nature from wildlife to greenery and minerals uniting them in fibers of the fabric. 

The scarves are produced exclusively in France and Italy of the finest materials which give a sensation of gentle velvet on skin and feature hand rolled hems. 

Irene’s Permanent Collection “Kaleidoscope Music” radiates powerful vibrations that are like notes on the stave, creating an everlasting melody. We can listen to this melody by contemplating the vivid colors harmonizing on a silk score. 

The AW15 is called “Les Jumelles” (French for twin sisters). Twins are an enigma of nature. They look alike but they have completely different personalities, and still they are bound by a mysterious force that makes them whole. 

Staying true to Irene’s DNA the Fall/Winter collection is three-dimensional, but this time every scarf with a dual personality: one half is graphic and another is picturesque. Due to this duality every scarf carries a spectrum of colors, textures and emotions. The scarves come in cashmere modal, wool and satin silk options are perfect all year round.



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Irene Paris Scarves Irene Paris FW17

Irene Paris' FW17 collection features signature scarves that are hand-rolled and made with a pristine effort and attention to details.  Their vibrant patterns and hues are captivating and cool with a sense of classic style that could be worn for generations.  Made from 100% silk, these scarves were designed with quality and luxury in mind.  The Paris based brand celebrates texture and life through artfully crafted patterns that are inspired by nature and fashion.  Perfect for gifting or elevating any wardrobe, these pieces have made their way to our must have list.

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