Indress RTW SS17 Collection

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Indress was founded in 2001 by Wies Schulte, a Dutch designer, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, fashion section and Aude Buttazzoni, French, artistic director graduated from the School of Art and Visual Communication ATEP in Paris . Since 2007, Aude has chosen to leave INDRESS and dedicate herself to her first passion: photography and graphic design.

INDRESS is born from a common desire: to create products that we like and never find in stores.

Simple, purified and definitive, the INDRESS creations go to the essential while remaining elegant astonishments.
The pieces with impeccable finishes are declined in frank and deep colors.

Reversible, removable or interchangeable, most of our creations have the distinction of being multifunctional.
The cut of the models is timeless and the creations can be changed from season to season, changing material and / or colors.

We have the perpetual desire to design high-end products and the desire to always venture into a creative, personal and artistic fashion by collaborating with visual artists, musicians, graphic designers, directors and actors.

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Indress RTW SS17 Collection

This collection by Indress delivers the label’s truest expression of versatility and classic style.  This is a series of pieces that focus on premium construction and luxury techniques that delivers high quality style to every woman.  This cohesive collection of wardrobe essentials take luxurious smart dressing to new levels through vibrant colors that were exclusively dyed and designed across the world. Indress is a globally conscious label that utilizes resources from around the world to ensure the highest quality outcome for their customer.

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