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runway2street is excited to welcome Gaffer & Fluf to our team of luxury brands. Founded by Greek designer Katerina Vamvaka, Gaffer & Fluf is bringing playtime to the adult world with their one-of-a-kind collection of handmade "polymorphic" clothing, bound to intrigue and excite even the most experienced fashion veterans.

The brand has a particularly unique emphasis on transformation and versatility. Not only can a single piece transition gracefully from day to night, but the same garment has the ability to be worn multiple ways. A piece that may have been worn as pants yesterday could easily be worn as a dress the next, leaving you free to express yourself in style on a day-to-day basis.

Katerina draws inspiration from everywhere and anywhere, be it things as small as Legos and origami, or something as big as famous works of architecture. She says the clothes of Gaffer & Fluf "invite you to play with them", and has made adaptability and evolution a major part of her design platform.

Though self-described as a minimalist brand based on their loyalty to a neutral palate and clean-cut lines, Gaffer & Fluf brings so much distinct material to the market that they're bound to stand out as more than just your everyday basics. The quality craftsmanship guarantees sophistication, but the interactive nature of the pieces gives them a sort of mysterious, sexy allure. The clothes build a relationship with the wearer, and they open doors to a personal freedom that will allow you to exude confidence no matter how you choose to rock the look!

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Gaffer and Fluf SS16 RTW RTW SS17 Collection RTW Basics Gaffer and Fluf SS18 Gaffer and Fluf FW17 FW15 RTW Basics

Gaffer and Fluf's signature classic design is evident throughout their SS18 collection.  The assortment of minimalist pieces that are a smart dressing fashionista's dream also appeals to the classic woman's wardrobe.  Their delivery of chic and cool is refreshing and great for a season that can be filled with prints and patterns.  Gaffer and Fluf celebrates comfortable, versatile style and it shows throughout this series of wide-leg, soft, layering pieces that can be worn for years to come.  

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Gaffer and Fluf's FW17 collection boasts a series of playful pieces that align minimalist influence and whimsical elements.  Signature silhouettes are delivered with updated elements that range in texture and added details.  Ultra cool and pieces that transcend the test of time, this season offers something for everyone.  Playfully cool or completely classic, this collection has something that perfectly compliments your current wardrobe.

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Gaffer & Fluf presents a fresh collection of wardrobe essentials that will take the modern woman through her everyday life.  From kaftans to trousers, these relaxed cut pieces are made to feel comfortable and luxurious.  Pleated details incorporate contemporary trends while the clean, minimalist silhouettes keep the collection true to the label’s signature style.  The collection promotes effortless style to the everyday woman through bold accents.

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