Dafna s Personal Skincare Skincare

Dafna's Personal Skincare Dafna's Personal Skincare Madrid, Spain


Dafna’s Personal Skincare is a Spanish brand, which won 6 international awrads for best natural products!

The brand was established by Dafna, a specialized aromatherapist with more than 18 years’ experience in the creation of natural products.

Dafna found that her clients were looking for products that are natural and highly effective, but that they want their cosmetics to be MORE than that, they want to ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE.

As a result, Dafna elaborated her DR2 line of products, fighting skin aging and oxidation by highly effective natural and biotech products, that bring back THE LOVE TO the SKIN AND SENSATIONS - rich and delightful textures, aromas, rituals. In the 2 years of existence the brand has won 6 awards (4 in the beauty shortlist!) and is a favorite among Spanish actresses.



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Dafna s Personal Skincare Skincare

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