Christina Debs Hard Candy Fine Jewelry Collection

Christina Debs Christina Debs Beirut, Lebanon


Christina Debs fine jewelry is a brand unlike any other, combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary accents. After meticulously studying how women have adorned themselves for centuries, Christina created her unique jewelry line in 2008, with an emphasis on inspiration, philosophy, and concept. Inspired by her Phoenician background, her philosophy became to innovate jewelry from ancient to modern times, while her concept is to retain a narrow creative focus, emphasizing brand recognition through design identity. 

Christina received her training in jewelry design from the AFEDAP, the Ecole de la rue du Louvre, and the Ecole Boule in Paris and holds Diamond Grading Certificates from GIA and HRD. This impressive background shines through in the quality and craftsmanship behind each Christina Debs piece. We love that each piece is handmade using only natural stones in brilliant colors, with gorgeous diamonds in white, brown and black. While the hard candy collection is her best seller, our favorites are the tattoo jewelry that are simply exquisite.


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Christina Debs Hard Candy Fine Jewelry Collection

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