Bel Cashmere SS17 Collection

Bel Cashmere Bel Cashmere Madrid, Spain


The Bel Cashmere story began long before its 2014 launch. Adriana Paveda’s vision to deliver revolutionary essentials to women around the world was always a vision. The Spanish brand’s mission to create superbly high quality womenswear and accessories with the world’s best Mongolian cashmere came to life and became an instant classic. Utilizing natural and organic resources, Bel Cashmere produces apparel and accessories that are sold around the world. Classic pieces that will last a lifetime are showcased throughout the collections delivered by this brand every season and we are pretty certain that they are here to stay.

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Bel Cashmere SS17 Collection

The signature scarf collection by Bel Cashmere features a range of stoles and full size scarves that are made from the world’s finest cashmere. Responsibly sourced in Mongolia, these layering accessories are crafted with quality in mind. Subtle details and highly pigmented hues make these scarves not only rare, but enchantingly sophisticated.  

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