Antipodium Antipodium London, United Kingdom


Brritish brand Antipodium's collection is inspired by the concept of Hackney as seen through a prism of magical realism. A romantic idealisation of a fabled Hackney from a bygone age and its transition into a magical wonderland of high-rise buildings, jungles of scaffolding and sharp edges and elbows.

The ‘Hackney Spot’ print offers snapshots of iconic landmarks, graffiti and people from the area. 

Antipodium developed two prints around the concept of a Hackney Pegasus - one is called ‘Floating Pegasus’ (an expanded abstracted series of vectors) and the other ‘Hackney Pegasus’ (a riff on an origami Pegasus that also links to other ‘wireframe’ prints). Before the combustion engine and black cabs there were Hackney carriages that were pulled by a special breed of horse - the Hackney pony. Through our filter of magical realism, we have imagined that this special breed of horse was in fact flight capable.

Antipodium has always been known for it quirky prints - and its print collaborations. For SS16, Antipodium have worked with renowned print designer Luke Mclean and also developed prints in-house as a collaborative process with the new team. The collection mixes an urban sportswear vibe with classic Antipodium silhouettes, replacing knitwear with technical mesh solutions and technical sweat shirting from Japan; continuing with the bomber jacket as a core silhouette, fit & flare skirts, silk t-shirts with signature prints.

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