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Afew Jewels started by Sao Paulo native Tihare Jacobs with a desire of matching moments, experience, feeling and passion, distilled into singular design concepts. Four principles guide the brand's philosophy: original design, high quality materials, personal relationships and happiness. The aim is to go beyond the delivery of a single jewel to women who buy their pieces, but a desire to become a part of their personal story.

Tihare's desire to create was ignited by the incredible lineage of women in her family, who helped shape and influence her. They included an artist contracted by the Vatican, a civil engineer, constructing Brazilia, a fashion designer, an Industrial designer and Glass sculptor. They taught her to use her heart to feel the creations; give it vision, function and to use her hands to bring it to life. 

Tihare now calls Barcelona home and creates modern, unique, elegant, everyday jewels for women with discerning tastes. All of the pieces are made to order at their atelier in Barcelona.

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Afew Jewels RTW SS17 Collection Jewelry

For her SS17 collection, Tihare Jacobs combined romantic inspiration with geometric design.  This series of contemporary pieces features vibrant elements in the form of beautifully selected rubies, diamonds, and sapphires.  The gemstone elements perfectly complement the selection of rose, white, and yellow gold showcased throughout the sophisticated series.  Simple with bold intentions, this collection tells a story of love and light through inspiration from love stories that are committed to making things work out.  Fine jewelry with a twist of fun, Afew Jewels has delivered a collection for the sophisticated woman with style and grace. 

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Modern, Unique, Elegant, Everyday Jewels for Women with Discerning Style

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