Abcense SS16 Shoes SS16 FW15 Shoes

Abcense Abcense Taipei, Taiwan


abcense is a footwear brand based in Taipei and established by the designer duo Jhosan and Yoyo. It was formed out of the necessity of creating a shoe that was the perfect fusion of footwear and design. The duo produces timeless pieces for the sophisticated woman that will smoothly fit into their everyday lives. The brand offers a selection of women's modern shoes that are considered "objects of rare beauty designed in a new classical-contemporary style."

The inspiration behind abcense comes from the concept of "blank-leaving" a technique used in oriental culture and art, which means, “to leave blank space on purpose.” The intention behind blank leaving is to allow viewers to develop their own views on the piece, which is exactly what abcense aims towards. abcense believes, "it is important to have your own voice and react to a pair of shoes through your own taste and personal style."

Each abcense shoe is composed of the finest hand-dyed and hand-finished materials. The designers work together to create Sculptural structures that incorporate the simplicity of industrial components and the beauty of traditional shoemaking. We at runway2street are enamored with their cutting-edge minimalist and daring line of shoes. Each shoe is a delicate work of art that moves with your feet and is a standout addition to your closet.

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Abcense SS16 Shoes SS16 FW15 Shoes

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